Tubular Steel

PetShield® 6 Bar Tubular Barrier

Item #: PET0270610

6 bar tubular travel barrier. Fits most mid-size and full-size Wagons, Crossovers, Minivans and SUV’s. 35"- 50"(H). 34"- 57"(W). Easy Installation

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PetShield® 4 Bar Tubular Contoured Barrier

Item #: PET0270210

4 bar contoured tubular barrier. Allows full use of rear cargo area, even when installed. Fits most Compact Wagons, SUVs, Crossovers, Minivans and SUVs. 29.5"- 40"(H). 34"- 60"(W). Easy Installation

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PetShield® Tubular Bucket Seat Barrier

Item #: PET0371610

Bucket Seat Barrier. Easy to install. 39"- 54"(H). 12"(W). NO TOOLS OR HARDWARE REQUIRED!

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PetShield® 2 Bar Tubular 10" Extension w/ EZ Adjust Feature

Item #: PET04712-E10

Finger screws allow slide bars to remain extended when pets try to move them. This 2 bar extension provides 10 inches of height to the Model 4724 barrier ONLY

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